High maturity · High purity

Highly mature cardiac marker expression

Our cardiomyocytes expresses voltage-dependent K+ channel genes (HERG, KCNQ1, Kir1.2), and the expression levels of our cardiomyocytes are higher than that of other iPSC-derived CMs. Our cardiomyocytes has relatively mature electrophysiological properties.

Mature muscle fibers

Immunostaining of αActinin clearly showed sarcomere structures.

Our cells are more into organotypic sarcomere formation.

■Sarcomere structures

Mitochondria activity

Our cardiomyocytes shows higher activity of mitochondria compared with the conventional CMs.



High purity

Myoridge cardiomyocytes have high purity without cell-sorting procedures. The ratio of cardiomyocytes is from 93% to 98%.

In addition, the undifferentiated iPSC ratio is very low.

■Cardiac troponin (cTnT)-positive cell ratio is high (93 – 98%)

■Different Myoridge CM lines show similar cTNT expression

■Oct-4 (pluripotency marker) expression of cardiac colonies

Undiffentiated iPSC (Oct4+) ratio is very low (≪0.01%)

■CM populations (FACS)