-Beating Tomorrow-

Since the discovery of iPS cells in 2006, the field of stem cell research has developed greatly. However in order for iPS cells to be put to practical use in the society and to save lives, there are still many obstacles that need to be overcome. While being encouraged by the expectations of many people, through trial and error for the past decade, we have continued to make discoveries and develop new techniques. In order to put our research findings into practical use, we believe it is necessary to find the balance between the effectiveness, productivity, and stability of techniques. With these goals in mind, we aim to become a research development enterprise that can match practical applications with the social economy.

The heart is an organ directly linked to life, and new therapies and treatments are anticipated for various heart diseases. However, the use of drugs such as anticancer drugs, antibacterial drugs and analgesics, needs to be restricted due to their cardiac side effects (cardiotoxicity) . The cost and time for the evaluation of these side effects, including cardiotoxicity, is also a problem. Currently, it is anticipated that the progress in the practical applications of iPS cells, will enables the development of new drugs and treatments to solve this problem.

We are convinced that the time will come where the “cell” will greatly change the world, and the benefits of this cell technology will gradually spread not only to some people, but to everyone.


To deliver high-quality cardiomyocytes to more patients,
and researchers researching for patients.

  • 1
    Ensure that this technology stands in the society.
    (Cells for drug discovery support)
  • 2
    Support the essential foundation for society
    (Cells for research)
  • 3
    Save lives
    (Cells for regenerative medicine)


  • CEONaohiro Makita
  • CTO
    M.D.Shinichi Sueta
  • Technical advisor
    Ph.D.Itsunari Minami
  • COO
    MPHShungo Adachi
Kentaro Ishida
Chief Researcher
Mayu Morishima
Outside Director Beyond Next Ventures
Yoshihiro Kidachi
Outside Auditor BOIDSCraft Corporation