Business details

All products and services are based on our own know-how and intellectual property in cell culture.
- Cell products and culture media
- Culture-medium development support
- Development support for base materials,
operation methods, and equipment with a bird's eye view of the entire process


iPS cell-derived cardiomyocytes CarmyA and our original media are available.

Culture-medium development

Bespoke culture-medium development support service

To solve problems (such as medium costs, yield of cells, and contamination of biologically-derived raw materials) in the industries of cell therapy products, biopharmaceuticals, and cultured foods, we provide a bespoke culture-medium development service using our own databases of small-molecular compounds and medium components, and patented technology and know-how, for medium component-searching techniques.

In the selection process of medium components, not only the costs, but also the yield and quality of the resulting cells are also important. Cells without the required quality are products will not be viable. Cells with an insufficient yield may fail to secure the necessary amount of finished product in the treatment of patients. If the yield is low, the manufacturing costs per unit will also increase.

Culture-medium development based on Myoridge's original medium

Our researchers perform screening for culture-medium development at our laboratory on the basis of the culture medium you are using. In this culture-medium screening, our original medium (Basal Medium for Custom-order, Ex-1 [basal medium for proliferating cells]) is also available to find appropriate medium components to be added or eliminated.

Core technology: Protein-free technology

In a differentiation process from iPS cells to cardiomyocytes, all proteins contained in the culture medium can be replaced with small-molecular compounds. This technology (invented at Kyoto University) allowed us to significantly reduce costs of culture medium to approximately one hundredth of the previous cost.

This protein-free technique, one of our core technologies, can also be applied to the development of culture medium for any cell therapy products, and is not limited to certain cell lines such as iPS cells and cardiomyocytes.

Actual examples of our achievements

In 2021, we started to develop an AI system that finds combinations of medium components efficiently and effectively. The AI system is acquiring knowledge of medium components, information on endpoints, and massive data on the results of cell-culture screening, all of which we have been accumulated.

Actual examples of our achievements

  • Absence or reduction of protein ingredients such as cytokines (achieved on serum, FGF-2, insulin, transferrin, and albumin).
  • Medium component alterations while keeping equivalency of cell proliferation, expression markers, etc., including the aforementioned improvement.


Licensing-out of our technology, including manufacturing methods, freezing methods, and mass culture methods for iPS cell-derived cardiomyocytes; and mass culture techniques for iPS cells and mesenchymal stem cells.

Myoridge's cardiomyocytes are produced by means of differentiation induction under a protein-free condition without animal-derived proteins used, providing a high myocardium purity and low risk of infection and canceration. Therefore, this product is also considered suitable for grafts.
Compared with transplantation outcomes reported by other research groups, it results in an extremely high graft survival rate and a high-density transplanted human myocardium that replaces almost all infarcted regions.

In addition, we own the intellectual property rights regarding freezing methods and mass culture methods for cardiomyocytes.

Moreover, we have mass culture techniques for iPS cells and mesenchymal stem cells that can be outlicensed as infrastructure technology.

We would appreciate it if you could contact us individually for details of the techniques to be licensed.

Joint development

Development services for manufacturing processes with manipulation procedures or equipment, and joint research/development support services for performance exploration of new medium components, evaluation of new base materials, etc.