Features of EX medium


Eliminates the hassle of lot checking

Proven track record in multiple cell types

MSC, fibroblasts,
line-transformed T cell,
hybridoma B cells etc.

Low cost

Basic medium + supplements only
Using LMW compounds as a substitute for expensive excipient.

Ex medium (basic medium for proliferating cells)

Ex medium has stable proliferative capacity for a variety of cells, including mesenchymal stem cells, fibroblasts, CHO cells, transplanted
T cells, and hybridoma B cells.

【2days after seeding with Ex medium】
Human bone
marrow-derived MSC
Primary human fibroblasts
CHO-S cells

Cell proliferative capacity

【Cell population doubling number in cell culture】

Stable growth in MSCs, Fb, and CHO with Ex medium


In addition to the cells shown above, stable proliferation has been confirmed in lineage T cells, multiple types of hybridoma B cells, and adipose-derived MSCs.

Product information

Product Name Basal Medium for
Ex-1(Basic medium for proliferating cells)
Product Code ME-09A00112 ME-09A00152
Storage Ex-1:-20℃,*
Volume Ex-1:
100mL x 1bottle
4mL x 1bottle
500mL x 1bottle
4mL x 5bottle
List Price 5,500JPY** 26,000JPY**
Product Name Ex-All in One
Product Code ME-01A00112 ME-01A00152
Storage Ex-All in One:-20℃,*
Volume Ex-All in One:
100mL x 1bottle
4mL x 1bottle
Ex-All in One:
500mL x 1bottle
4mL x 5bottle
List Price 5,500JPY** 26,000JPY**
*Ex medium can be store 3 months at 4℃
**List Price does not include tax and Shipping fee.
**Shipping fee will be changed depending on the region.

Physical properties

Appearance Red, liquid
pH 7.2~7.8


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  • Product specifications
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Please contact us individually if you need analysis reports for each lot.

Do you have any of these concerns about the culture medium?

in reproducibility
Lot-to-lot differences in results due to serum components.
Lot-to-lot effects of growth factors, cytokines, etc.
High Cost
Expensive sera and cytokines put pressure on research costs.
Selection of culture medium and serum
When culturing multiple cell cultures, it is difficult to select the best conditions for individual cells.

EX custome media is your solution!!

Myoridge proposal-based culture medium development services

Myoridge Utilizing our knowledge about LMW, cell culture medium components data base. Our know-how and proprietary database can be used to solve your cell culture issues. Such as medium cost, cell yield and inclusion of biogenic material.

Manufacturer Conventional contract manufacturer Myoridge
Customization Customization scope is narrow. Ordering detail has to be determined by customer Myoridge propose optimal culture media based on the result of our culture media screening tests.
Service Need to specify the basic medium and medium composition by customer. Using our proprietary "culture media library" screening service, we select and modify the optimal culture media for you and provide you with a report of the results.
Performance verification Need to be verified by customer after receving custermized medium. We will examine the best culture medium (composition, concentration, etc.) for your cells and provide you with a report.

Myoridge culture medium development service


Ordering workflow

Ex medium(basic medium for proliferating cells)


What is the proposal-based media development service?
In general, custom culture media were manufactured on a made-to-order contract basis, with the customer specifying the culture media components (addition or deletion of components, concentration of components, etc.). Our media development service is a next generation of service in which our researchers examine the optimal culture conditions for each customer's cells and propose deliverables. Our culture screening technology enables us to propose optimal culture conditions (e.g., growth potential, low cost, markers, etc.) for each customer's cells.
What are the benefits of a proposal-based media
development service?
Our proposal-based medium development service provides the best medium for each cell by adding or deleting low-molecular compounds based on our Ex medium (xeno-free, serum-free). This has the advantage of eliminating expensive cytokines and growth factors used in conventional cell culture, as well as serum, which can cause reproducibility (lot-to-lot) problems. Please contact us if you have any problems with cells that are difficult to grow, cost reduction through mass culture, or reproducibility.
How much cost savings can I expect from the proposed
medium development service?
Cost reduction varies greatly depending on the cell type and culture conditions. We will discuss cost reduction targets with you after confirming your requirements. As an example, we have achieved a cost reduction of 1/10 by replacing cytokines, animal serum proteins, and protein factors with low-molecular-weight compounds and amino acids.
Please tell us about your experience
with proposal-based culture medium development services.
We have experience in various modifications of culture medium components while maintaining the equivalence of cell proliferation and expression markers, including improvements such as the absence or reduced use of cytokines and other protein components (e.g., serum, FGF-2, insulin, transferrin, albumin). We also have experience with iPS cells, mesenchymal stem cells, and T cells. We also provide a stable supply in large-volume packaging (500 ml) for companies and academic facilities.
Is it possible to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?
Yes, we are willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement upon request.
How do I place an order?
Orders and deliveries are made through our distributors. Please contact our Sales Promotion Department for information on our distributors.
Can you provide powdered culture media?
We are providing liquid medium only.