Production technology platform business

Out-licensing of the iPS cell-derived cardiomyocyte differentiation method and expansion culture technology

Regarding the induction of cardiomyocyte differentiation from iPS cells, we have successfully replaced all of the proteins in culture medium with low-molecular-weight compounds. We have commenced joint research with Hitachi, Ltd. in October 2018, and successfully developed a new 3D culture method for cardiomyocyte spheroids (see photos below).   Furthermore, we have established other production technologies of our own, such as expansion culture technology for adherent cardiomyocytes. Please contact us for detailed information not available on the web site.   By providing these infrastructure technologies, we hope to contribute to the development and implementation of each company’s cell products.   – Intended companies – Companies developing cardiomyocyte products Companies considering development of products using automated culture devices (Excerpt from our news release dated November 26, 2019)

Cell Sheeting Technology

We have developed a technology for the stable production of cardiomyocyte sheets that unconventionally retain high purity and uniformity while suspended. We have confirmed that the size can be freely controlled within a range of 1 to 7 cm in diameter just by adjusting the number of cells and the container.   By using this cell sheet production technology, a cell sheet can be formed automatically in a few hours. The technology does not rely on the skills of manufacturing staff, making it possible to establish a stable and low cost manufacturing system.   – Intended companies – Companies developing cardiomyocyte products Companies developing cell sheet products Companies wanting to sell cardiomyocyte sheets for research use Companies aiming to commercialize suspensions other than cardiomyocytes into sheet products