Ex medium
(basic medium for proliferating cells)

Ex medium has stable proliferative capacity for a variety of cells, including mesenchymal stem cells, fibroblasts, CHO cells, transplanted T cells, and hybridoma B cells.

【2days after seeding with Ex medium】
  • ヒト骨髄由来間葉系幹細胞の写真

    Human bone marrow-derived MSC

  • 初代ヒト線維芽細胞の写真

    Primary human fibroblasts

  • CHO-S細胞の写真

    CHO-S cells

Cell proliferative capacity

【Cell population doubling number in cell culture】

Stable growth in MSCs, Fb, and CHO with Ex medium


In addition to the cells shown above, stable proliferation has been confirmed in lineage T cells, multiple types of hybridoma B cells, and adipose-derived MSCs.